Rob Morris

Oh hello! How are you? And what brings you to my little corner of the interweb? Boredom? Curiosity? An ill-advised and disappointingly inaccurate Google search? Well, you’re welcome anyway…

This is basically the place I dump the drivel that tumbles off the top of my head. The blog is updated more or less regularly and there’s a selection of some published articles and some unpublished fiction on here too.

When not at the day job I’m still working with Daniel on the script and episode guide for a sitcom version of Vitriol and Old Lace, another sitcom currently entitled Strange Bedfellows and a spine-chiller called The Wild Hunt. Sometime I hope I’ll get to do work on my novel, Out of Time, as well. (The title of the novel, incidentally, has no relation to the plot. But I had to call it something.)