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Revamped Website

Hey, just to warn you this is a whole new look and feel of the website so a whole tonne of stuff will probably not be working properly yet. If you find something frankly askew, adrift or awry send me a message by the Contact page and I'll try and get it sorted. Ta!


Recently I’ve written and directed a short audio drama Glassmaker’s Lane for What Noise Productions which is in post-production now. And the 13-part mystery serial Dark Shadows: Bloodline I’ve co-written for Big Finish Productions is now available for pre-order. It’s also just been announced that I’m one of the writers of its follow-up serial Dark Shadows: Windcliff and that’s soaking up all of my free time.

More Dark Shadows!

So, this week, Big Finish announced the plans for the next couple of years of Dark Shadows, and amongst those plans are two 13-part mini-series I’m involved with writing, plus a whole host of other goodies if you like a spooky mystery!

Quartet Recording

Last night was the night of recording for the four stories that will make up the next What Noise Productions Quartet CD, entitled “Hero”. As the writers also have to direct, this means last night was my directorial debut too. I was terrified at first, but really loved it by the end.

More news when it’s closer to release…