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Terrorize the Dancefloor

Cover art for The Parade.
Cover art for The Parade.

This has to be one of the best flop songs out there. It completely bombed despite being infuriatingly catchy and bouncy and upbeat and all the things I like best about pop music.

One of the reasons for its failure, though, may be the video which – whilst being, to my mind, quite stylish arty and sophisticated – doesn’t quite gel with the dance track. But hey.

Here for your aural pleasure (or not) are “The Parade” with “Terrorize the Dancefloor”.

And the lead singer? Oh you so would, wouldn’t you?



it didnt flop, its release was pulled due to the band splitting up prior to the release date, I think its criminal it hasnt got a full release, or even covered, I imagine mcfly ft kylie, tasty thought, do you agree?


Really? What a shame. It had hit written all over it.

Interesting collaboration idea there though.


Although on every site on the web, everyone says it wasn’t released, it in fact was, and was pulled off the shelves of my local HMV seconds after i paid for it at approx 10am on the release day.
When i saw the guy with the pile being taken behind the counter i asked him, and he said something about N-sync’s record company put in a copyright claim on the single but to this day i dont know why 🙁

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