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More Dark Shadows!

Bloodline Promo Art
Bloodline Promo Art

So, this week, Big Finish announced the plans for the next couple of years of Dark Shadows, and amongst those plans are two 13-part mini-series I’m involved with writing.

Dark Shadows: Bloodline

First off, Dark Shadows: Bloodline – which was first announced yonks ago – now has its release scheduled for April 2019. Like its predecessor – Dark Shadows: Bloodlust – it will be a 13-part miniseries, with two episodes released each week in a nod to the transmission of the original soap opera. It’s taken a fair few rewrites but finally release looms and it’s now available for pre-order.

You can buy the episodes individually or buy them in one of two CD or download packages containing episodes 1-7 and episodes 8 – 13 respectively. Or there’s a big bundle where you can get both of those sets together at even better discount.

It’s a great story written by Alan Flanagan, Will Howells, Aaron Lamont and me, with thorough script editing by Joseph Lidster. It’s also very different in tone to its predecessor and tells a very different kind of tale; in fact, it’s sort of mind-bending and we can’t wait for it to finally be heard. One episode in particular is such a massive roller-coaster that even re-reading it today left me breathless.

Dark Shadows: Windcliff

And there’s another 13-part mini-series scheduled for April 2020, going by the name of Dark Shadows: Windcliff. This one is set in Collinsport’s famous sanatorium/asylum which makes a great claustrophobic setting for a nerve-jangling tale. I’m joined again by Aaron on writing duties, this time with Penelope Faith and Paul Phipps-Williams – writers who’ve written some amazing stories for the range and who are bringing their own unique voices to the table, which is really invigorating.

Once again, it’s a very different beast, with terrifying amounts of planning and research and wine having gone into its initial planning. This one’s a while off so isn’t available for pre-order yet, but I’m sure more details will come out nearer the time. In any case I think it’s going to be a corker.

For anyone interested, this is a glimpse into the writing process. (It’s not a good pic of me, btw.)

Windcliff Writing Session

But there’s more!

Stuff I’ve not been involved in was also announced and will also be brilliant. Series 2 and 3 of the Dark Shadows spin-off The Tony and Cassandra Mysteries are on their way and they’re going to be great fun. It’s a proper 1970s style will-they-won’t-they mystery series where a hard-bitten PI works to solve mysteries alongside a bona-fide witch. As the tagline says: “when they get together, it’s magic!” Series 2 will be out in November and I, for one, can’t wait.

And as the Windcliff Crew™ work on our serial, Joseph Lidster and Alan Flanagan are writing another 13-part mini-series to follow it, currently titled Dark Shadows: Thirteen because of… reasons.

Plus, another mysterious box set is in the works too which I know a little about but am sworn to secrecy over.

The full press release is available here if you want to take a look. I also strongly advise you to check out the trailers for Tony and Cassandra on that page as they’re great fun – and if those trailers tickle your fancy Series 1 is already available to buy here and is worth every penny, with pre-orders for series 2 and series 3 available too.

And while you’re at it pre-order Bloodline too. It’s going to be a blast!