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Harry Potter Essay

This is possibly my finest hour and as such I think deserves a page of its own… this dissertation formed the greater part of my final year degree coursework way back in 2001.

The Function and Etymology of Proper Nouns in the Work of J.K. Rowling

Yeah, you read that correctly. I credit this essay entirely with my achieving a First-class honours degree – a fact which I suspect some of you may think goes to show how devalued a degree is these days. I disagree, obviously.

Personally I love the fact I was offered a PhD on the strength of it. (The fact I didn’t take the offer is one of my greatest regrets and I will take it to my deathbed.)

There’s an introductory note which sort of sets the scene as to the hows and the whys.

Enjoy (or not).

Harry Potter Essay

Thank you again, Terry Clifford-Amos.