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Vitriol and Old Lace

Vitriol and Old Lace Post Header
Vitriol and Old Lace Post Header

Vitriol and Old Lace is a comic web-novella (if you like) chronicling the continuing misadventures of two rival organisations for ladies of a certain age, the Moorgate Institute of Classical Female Elders, and the Pimlico League of Educated Ladies.

Written by myself and my friend Daniel, it’s got a few laughs in it, with chapters devoted to various ill-advised attempts at collaboration between the two groups and the large number of fatalities that ensue. There are also recipes, horoscopes and tips and tricks for anyone needing guidance in these troubled and uncertain times.

(And if you don’t think your times are troubled and uncertain, follow the recipes anyway and we can guarantee they will be.)

Unfortunately, at present at least, the site is down. I’m investigating why and will bring it back as soon as I can!