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How I Learned to Hate Rock and Roll – Pet Shop Boys

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I was happily partaking of an internet forum the other day (one of a couple I frequent in fact) when a thread was started about a particular pop star – a vaguely diminutive Australian one actually – where a free and frank exchange of views about her last album was held.

But it was all pretty civil because at heart all those discussing it are basically fans.

Until of course the thread suddenly started to fill with killjoys. Now, I’m all for differences of opinion, but I do often wonder what it is that causes a person to join a thread where people are essentially espousing their love for something and feel the urge to just sneer and throw around insults.

Someone states the obvious.
Someone sneers at all you love.
Someone preaches ugly manners, excluding some (including me).
This is how I learned to hate Rock and Roll.

Somehow seeing people enjoying themselves does seem to bring out the worst in people doesn’t it?

My favourite comment, by someone in defence of their general tone, was that “it’s the duty of rock to bite the arse of pop” which basically had me gaping in disbelief.

I couldn’t help but feel a little glad that my musical preferences are pop not rock if that’s how you define it. The minute words like “duty” start being bandied around about any form of art I tend to find myself thinking it rather a shame that, once again, people can only see a value in something if it isn’t just intended to entertain.

I am increasingly of the opinion that the creation of enjoyment in others is probably the greatest pinnacle of human achievement.

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