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Take Me To Your Heaven

I was reminded this weekend of a rather marvellous day that took place back on Good Friday 2019 where I got to meet the marvellous Eurovision luminaries Nicki French and SuRie and a host of other wonderful people at the Retro Bar in London. This is me eulogising about it.

On J.K. Rowling

I have today removed from my website my essay “On the Use of Characteronyms in the Works of J.K. Rowling.”

I couldn’t condone any of her recent words regarding the lives of trans people and it has become increasingly uncomfortable for me to hear her double down on the issue and use what I see as increasingly weaselly-worded language to justify her stance.

How I Learned to Hate Rock and Roll – Pet Shop Boys

I was happily partaking of an internet forum the other day (one of a couple I frequent in fact) when a thread was started about a particular pop star – a vaguely diminutive Australian one actually – where a free and frank exchange of views about her last album was held.

But it was all pretty civil because at heart all those discussing it are basically fans. Until of course the thread suddenly started to fill with killjoys.

Story of My Life – Jason Donovan

It’s probably going to do my musical credibility no harm whatsoever to announce that recently a Jason Donovan track has catapulted its way into my “top ten favourite songs ever” chart. (Obviously it will do no harm because I don’t have any.) But yes, I recently had the fortune to stumble upon “Story of My […] Read more…